The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth


Magdalene Have 7 or more max red hearts at one time. 15
Cain Hold 55 or more pennies at one time. 15
Judas Kill Satan 15
The Womb Kill Mom. 20
Samson Beat 2 levels in a row without taking damage. 15
Eve Beat 2 levels in a row without picking up any hearts. 15
Lazarus Have 4 or more soul hearts at one time 15
Transcendence Kill Mom's Heart 3 times. 15
The Lost Finish the game's final secret. 20
A Quarter Kill Mom's Heart 8 times. 15
Isaac's Tears Kill Isaac with Isaac. 15
Mom's Knife Kill Satan with Isaac. 15
Isaac's Heart Kill Isaac with The Lost. 15
The Mind Kill Satan with The Lost. 15
The Relic Kill Isaac with Maggy. 15
Guardian Angel Kill Satan with Maggy. 15
The Coin Bag Kill Isaac with Cain. 15
The Bomb Bag Kill Satan with Cain. 15
The Guillotine Kill Isaac with Judas. 15
Judas' Tongue Kill Satan with Judas. 15
Eve's Bird Foot Kill Isaac with Eve. 15
The Razor Kill Satan with Eve. 15
Bloody Lust Kill Isaac with Samson. 15
Blood Rights Kill Satan with Samson. 15
Azazel Make 3 deals with the devil in one run. 15
The Satanic Bible Kill Isaac with Azazel. 15
Daemon's Tail Kill Satan with Azazel. 15
Lazarus' Rags Kill Isaac with Lazarus. 15
Broken Ankh Kill Satan with Lazarus. 15
Eden Beat the Womb for the first time, 15
A Blank Card Kill Isaac with Eden. 15
The Book of Secrets Kill Satan with Eden. 15
Something from the Future Beat the Basement 40 times. 15
Something Cute Beat the Caves 30 times. 15
Something Sticky Beat the Depths 20 times. 15
Basement Boy Beat the Basement/Cellar without taking damage. 20
Spelunker Boy Beat the Caves/Catacombs without taking damage. 20
Dark Boy Beat the Depths/Necropolis without taking damage. 20
Mama's Boy Beat the Womb/Utero without taking damage. 20
Dead Boy Beat the Chest or Dark Room without taking damage. 20
Challenges Beat all 20 Challenges. 20
Boss Rush Beat the Boss Rush. 20
Dark Room Beat the Dark Room. 15
The Chest Beat the Chest. 15
Lost Poster Beat the Dark Room with Isaac. 15
Little Baggy Collect 2 of either Roid Rage, The Virus, Growth Hormones, Experimental Treatment, or Speed Ball. 15
The Halo Kill Mom using the Bible. 15
Everything Is Terrible Kill Mom's Heart 5 times. 15
A Fetus in a Jar Kill Mom's Heart 9 times. 15
Blue Baby Kill Mom's Heart 10 times. 15
It Lives Kill Mom's Heart 11 times. 15
Forget Me Now Kill Satan with ???. 15
The Book of Sin Kill all 7 sins. 15
The Polaroid Beat Cathedral 5 times. 20
The Negative Beat Sheol 5 times. 20
Golden God You are the best! 30
Platinum God Collect all items and unlock all secrets and endings. 40
Real Platinum God the game! 50
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