The Pedestrian



Warehouse I knew I'd find it here in the warehouse. I should take better care of these pieces. 100
Subway I shouldn't have come down here. I almost couldn't find my way out! 100
Downtown I need to get back so I can write this down. Oh, the places we could go with this! 100
University This is going to be a long day. Glad I packed lunch 100
Inner City If this works, I plan to set sail tonight. I can't forget to grab the supplies. 100
Skyline paint! The paint works better than I expected. It really helps keep everything in place. 100
Skyline dark It's getting dark with all this rain. I'd better get back, water can't be good for the electronics. 100
Skyline cake They lied about the cake. It was made with wheat! Lee is allergic! 100
Rooftops Finally! All the components are here! 100
Apartment Now our journey begins. I wonder if they're still there... 100


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