7th Sector


Hypnosis Wait for TV phantom 40
Stubborn Try again 40
Suicide Die 100 times 40
On the other side Another phantom in an appartment 40
Omen TV phantom in the train 40
Revenge Destroy the first machine gun 40
Logic Turn off the transformer after the conveyor 40
Locomotive Wait for the train at the factory 40
Observer Yes, wait for phantom again! 40
Disease Phantom in Shelter C 512 40
Sound Wave Phantom 40
New life Phantom in a brick house 40
BOSS is always watching Phantom in the Tower 40
Killer Kill a man at the factory 40
Nowhere to run Final 1 40
The only way is down Final 2 40
Сhaos Final 3 40
Conversation Final 4 40
Stalled? Hit the starter 40
Musical pause Robots are persons too 40
Chronicles Download all images on HDD 40
Enlightened Activate all phantoms 40
Caring Water the lawn 40
Help your fellow man Release a prisoner 40
Take it easy, man! Don’t shoot! 40


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