項目数:234(59 + 15 + 8 + 4 + 12 + 6 + 6 + 12 + 12 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2)
総ポイント:3295(1000 + 220 + 175 + 45 + 130 + 55 + 80 + 115 + 125 + 75 + 95 + 55 + 70 + 45 + 55 + 60 + 90 + 90 + 75 + 95 + 45 + 100 + 120 + 105 + 35 + 40 + 30 + 40 + 30)




Double Tap Get 10 double kills in qualifying matches. 10
Bloodthirster Get 10 first blood accolades in qualifying matches. 20
Hat Trick Get 5 triple kills in qualifying matches. 15
Quadra Kill Get a quadra kill in a qualifying match. 30
Penta Kill Get a penta kill in a qualifying match. 40
Rampage Destroy 50 towers in qualifying matches. 20
Objective Stealer Deliver the killing blow on a map objective where enemies did more damage in a qualifying match. 20
Fatality Kill 100 gods in qualifying matches. 10
Helping Hand Get 100 assists in qualifying matches. 10
Can't Stop This Get 50 killing sprees in qualifying matches. 20
Combo Breaker Shut down 10 killing sprees in qualifying matches. 15
Objective Killer Get 25 killing blows on map objectives in qualifying matches. 20
Destructible Destroy a tower before 8 minutes in Conquest or Siege. 15
Minion Mayhem 100 Minions killed. 10
All About the Conquest 25 Normal Conquest matches played. 20
Love to Guard This is a rare achievement5 Mastered Guardians. 30
Join the Hunt 5 Mastered Hunters. 30
Mage for Life 5 Mastered Mages. 30
Assassin for Hire 5 Mastered Assassins. 30
Art of War 5 Mastered Warriors. 30
Blood and Sand 25 Arena matches played. 20
Valiant Jouster 25 Joust 3v3 matches played. 20
Master Assailant 25 Assault matches played. 20
Adept of Mastery 40 Gods Mastered. 40
Siege Breaker 25 Siege matches played. 20
Maxed Out Reach Level 30. 25
Diamonds Are Forever 1 god at Mastery 10. 10
20 to 1 Kill enemy gods more than 20 times in a single match, and only die once. 10
Hard Carry You killed more than 20 enemy gods in a single Conquest match. 30
Super Cheer Win an Arena match with more than 100 tickets remaining. 10
Survivor Survived more than 50 battles with less than 10% health. 10
Cleanup Crew Kill 3 enemy gods with a single ability. 25
Death from Above Killed 25 gods from damage dealt by landing from a leap. 10
Precise Shot Get a double kill where both kills were the result of ranged basic attacks. 25
Last Hit Kill 20 minions by getting the last hit with a Basic Attack in a single match. 10
Fast Blood You have earned First Blood in any game mode before 0:00 on the in-game clock. 25
Good Game Complete a match with 5 or more Kills, 10 or more Assists, and 2 or fewer Deaths. 10
Jump, Jump You have leaped over 100 times with gods that have leaps. 10
Come Back Win a match where your team had 4000 less combined gold than the enemy team. 25
Double Edged Sword Win a match where your team has killed twice as many gods as the enemy team. 10
Last Man Standing Be the only god left alive on either team in Conquest, Assault, or Arena. 10
I Will Find Them! This is a rare achievementDestroy 25 enemy wards. 10
Down to the Wire Win an Arena match where your team has only 20 tickets or less remaining. 10
Feel The Fury! Reach the maximum Attack Speed of 2.5 in a single match. 10
Beast Master Summon 20 Siege Monsters in Siege Mode. 10
Beast Slayer Get the killing blow on an enemy Siege Monster in Siege Mode. 10
Use Your Fists Get the killing blow on an enemy god with a Basic Attack while playing a Guardian. 10
Fooled You Get the killing blow on an enemy god using damage reflect. 10
Perfect Get the killing blow on an enemy god without taking damage from them. 10
Reborn Win a game of Conquest, Siege, or Joust after one of your Phoenixes was destroyed. 10
After Effect Kill an enemy god after they had already killed you. 10
Line Them Up Hit 3 different enemy gods with a single ability. 10
Limit Them Disarm or Silence 10 enemy gods. 10
Heals for Days Healed gods other than yourself for more than 10,000 health. 10
That's Far Enough! Root or Cripple 15 enemy gods. 10
Omnitheist Completed a match with a god from all Pantheons. 10
Questions Later Dealt damage to every enemy player in Arena before any of them damaged you. 30
Freeze! Stun 15 enemy gods. 10
Up You Go! Knockup 15 enemy gods. 10

Solar Flare:220G
CHARGE! As Guan Yu, Stun three or more gods at once with your ultimate, Cavalry Charge. 30
The Warriors Will As Guan Yu heal 3 or more of your teammates at once while your passive is charged. 15
Gymnast As Neith, kill an enemy god with the damage from your backflip. 10
Arrow to the Knee! As Neith, stun three or more enemy gods with a single spirit arrow. 10
Solar Blessing As Ra, end a game with over 30,000 player healing. 20
Searing Steal As Ra, steal the fire giant away from your opponents using Searing Pain. 30
Dunkmaster! As Thor, land on three or more enemy gods at once using ultimate. 10
Tectonic Stun As Thor, stun three or more enemy gods at once using tectonic rift. 15
You Go Boom! As Ymir, kill three or more enemy gods using your ultimate. 10
Why So Cold? As Ymir, hit 50 basic attacks on enemies who are effected by Frost Bite in a single match. 10
Conquest Welcomes You! Play a game of Conquest in Versus Mode. 10
Arena Welcomes You! Play a game of Arena in Versus mode.. 10
Joust Welcomes You! Play a game of Assault in Versus mode. 10
Assault Welcomes You! Play a game of Assault in Versus mode. 10
Get On My Level Play 25 league matches. 20

Shadows of Olympus:175G
Arachnophobia As Arachne have your broodlings deliver the killing blow to an enemy. 30
Wrapped Up As Arachne successfully stun 3 or more enemy gods in a match with cocoon. 10
Master At Arms As Bellona kill an enemy after having hit them with each of your weapon stances. 15
Rally Here! As Bellona kill 10 enemies with the damage from Eagles Rally. 10
Trick Shot As Hou Yi bounce your ricochet off of two surfaces and hit a different enemy god on each bounce. 35
The Crows Mark As Hou Yi utilize Mark of the Crow to knock-back, Stun, and slow an enemy god in 5 seconds. 20
I'm A Pro! As Rama Kill two enemy gods while in your ultimate. 45
Ouch! As Rama cripple every enemy god in a single match using Rolling Assault. 10

The Astral Hunt:45G
Clay Explosion As Nu Wa deliver the killing blow by exploding Clay soldiers with Shining Metal. 10
Skill Shot As Nu Wa get 100 kills with Fire Shards. 10
The Heat! As Agni stun three or more enemy gods with Noxious Fumes. 10
Those Fumes As Agni get the killing blow with the damage from Combustion. 15

The Reborn Prince:130G
Reaper of Souls As Thanatos silence 15 enemies out of their abilities. 10
My Minion As Bakasura eat twenty five minions using eat minion in a single match. 5
The Butcher As Bakasura get three kills on enemy gods with the damage from Butcher Blades. 10
Supernova As Sol hit an enemy with all 8 strikes of super nova. 20
Disapparate As Sol stun two or more enemy gods with the trail from Disapparate 5
Wrecking Ball! As Thanatos execute three or more enemies in a single match using hovering death. 5
Marks for Everyone! As Chiron hit three or more enemy gods with Masterful Shot. 5
3 for 3! As Chiron get a triple kill while in your ultimate, Centaurus. 20
Dragon's Wrath As KuKulkan kill an enemy at full health using only Spirit of the Nine Winds. 5
Whirlwind As KuKulkan kill three or more enemy gods with one Whirlwind 20
Around the World As Mercury travel 75,000 feet in a single game. 20
Speed Demon As Mercury reach 600 movement speed. 20

The Shining Light:55G
The Rage! As Xing Tian reach and stay at full stacks of smoldering rage for over 30 seconds. 5
Whirlwind of Pain As Xing Tian get an assist on three enemies within five seconds using his Ultimate. 5
Never Fear Kephri's Here As Khepri, save everyone on your team, including yourself, in one game. 15
Let's Hug Khepri abduct an enemy that is effected by solar flare five times in a single match. 5
Release the Kraken As Poseidon hit three or more enemy gods with your ultimate. 10
Water Rises As Poseidon keep your tide meter above 50% for more than a minute 15

Season 3:80G
My Offense is Dazzling As Amaterasu hit three or more enemies with the final strike of your ultimate. 15
Reflect the Heavens As Amaterasu fully charge her mirror in one second. 15
Feel the Rush As Ravana kill ten enemies with the damage from your ultimate. 20
Watch my Moves As Ravana break out of a root using Overhead Kick 5
It's a Trap! As Artemis cripple twenty five enemy gods with Transgressors Fate. 10
Stunville As Artemis stun three or more enemy gods with Calydonian Boar in one deployment. 15

+Season 3
Season 3(Amaterasu,Ravana,Artemis)


  • My Offense is Dazzling

  • Reflect the Heavens
Heavenly Reflectionは発動後、最大チャージにする。

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