Nexomon: Extinction


前作とのバンドル「Nexomon + Nexomon: Extinction - Complete Collection」であれば日本ストアでも購入可能。(バンドルのストアページ

My First Nexomon Obtain your very first companion for life! 10
Learning the Ropes Capture a Nexomon for the first time! 10
A Dozen Down Beat a dozen tamers around the world! 15
Show Them Who's Boss Beat every tamer in the world of Nexomon at least once! 40
Haven't You Had Enough?! Beat every tamer in the world of Nexomon, again! 60
You're a Celebrity! Participate in all TV interviews. 10
A Pretty Coin Accumulate over 100,000 coins in your adventure. 10
Peak Nexomon Performance Have a Nexomon reach level 99, because why not. 20
Anger Management Break 500 boulders. 10
Power of Science Craft your first Core at Bonnie's lab. With this, your Nexomon will become stronger! 10
Fully Powered Up Have an entire team of Nexomon fully equipped with cores! 10
Locally Sourced Nexotraps Craft your first Nexotrap using Elemental Shards. 10
They Can't Run On A Full Stomach Toss over 100 meals at wild Nexomon 10
Beam Me Up, Coco! Activate every warpstone. 10
It's Honest Work Sell over 200 elemental shards to Claive. 10
Workaholic Complete all quests. 10
Shopping Spree Spend over 50,000 coins in your adventure. 10
Full Team Fill up your party with 6 Nexomon. It's time to take on the world! 5
Own 30 Nexomon Capture 30 unique Nexomon. 10
Own 60 Nexomon Capture 60 unique Nexomon. 15
Own 90 Nexomon Capture 90 unique Nexomon. 20
Own 150 Nexomon Capture 150 unique Nexomon. 25
Own Every Nexomon! Find and capture every Nexomon in the game! 100

Bronze Tamer Register at the Tamer's Guild and receive your bronze badge. 10
Silver Tamer Receive a Silver Badge after saving the city of Ignitia. 25
Gold Tamer Receive a Gold Badge for bringing peace to the Frozen Tundra. 40
Grandmaster Become one of the greatest tamers in Nexomon history. 60
My First Day at Work Survive your first Tyrant encounter! It can't possibly get any worse than that. 10
So Predictable Protect Eliza from the minions. 10
Welcome Back Retrieve Atlas from the time capsule in the Frozen Tundra. 10
Omnicron's Legacy Uncover your origins, and embrace your new self! 10
Renegade Jin Defeat Jin and Mulcimer in the city of Ignitia! 10
Renegade Lydia Defeat Lydia and Eurus in Drake Isles! 10
Renegade Atlanta Defeat Atlanta and Nivalis in the Frozen Tundra! 10
Renegade Logan Defeat Logan and Bolzen in Cadium! 10
Renegade Celine Defeat Celine and Petram near Lateria! 10
I Hate My Job Survive the double dragon attack in the Cursed Tower. 10
Are We The Baddies? Somehow, get arrested and end up behind bars. Now you've done it! 10
Grandmaster Edward Defeat Edward at the top of the Tamer's Guild! 10
Grandmaster Xanders Defeat Xanders for once and for all! 10
Grandmaster Amelie Defeat Amelie, the strongest tamer of the Guild! 10
Element of Fire Receive the remainder of Fenrir's power. 10
Element of Wind Receive the remainder of Nadine's power. 10
Element of Water Receive the remainder of Merida's power. 10
Element of Thunder Receive the remainder of Zetta's power. 10
Element of Earth Receive the remainder of your mentor's power. 10
Element of Life Awaken the power inherited from Deena! 10
Downfall Watch helplessly as Vados eradicates the Tyrants! 10
That's Messed Up Hit Vados with an airship in the middle of his monologue. 10
Ascension Claim your rightful place among the Nexomon, and shape the future of our wo 100
This Should Be Illegal Discover and break into all nine of Spencer's hidden vaults. 25
Never Forget Find the tombstone of the four Mandrasses. You know what you did! 10
Vanity Issues Nickname a Nexomon the same as your own name. 10
Capture the Tyrants Find and capture every Tyrant. 20
Children of Omnicron Revive and capture each of the ancient primordial Tyrants. 20
The Greater Drakes Encounter and tame every Greater Drake of Lydia. 20


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