World War Z (WWZ)



Specialist Open and buy all perks in one specialization 20
Handyman Open and buy all perks in game 50
There are many guns but this one is mine Open and buy final version of any weapon 20
Imposing arsenal Open and buy final versions of all weapons 50
Escape Finish episode "New York" on any difficulty 20
Hope Finish episode "Jerusalem" on any difficulty 20
Salvation of the Motherland Finish episode "Moscow" on any difficulty 20
This is just the beginning Finish all episodes on any difficulty 35
Well, what did you achieve? Finish all episodes on insane difficulty 50
High caution Finish any level without dealing friendly damage 35
Strong immunity Finish any level without using health packs 35
The most effective way Finish any level using just pistol 35
Teamwork Finish any level with full team 20
Genocide Kill 10,000 zombies 20
Sport kills Kill Lurker midair 35
Torero Kill Bull during charge 35
Can't fool me Kill 20 lying zombies before they get up 20
Chain reaction Hit 10 zombies with one tazer shot 35
Toxicomaniac Walk into toxic cloud 100 times 20
Burglar Open 15 rooms or containers with breaching charge 20
Friend of machines Capture 15 turrets
Explosive Kill 10 zombies with balloon explosions 35
The floor is lava Burn 10 zombies with one gasoline puddle 35
Builder Build 100 defences 20
Waste of time Defuse 10 mines
Veteran Finish 25 PvP matches in any mode 20
Winner in life Finish PvP match with highest score in any mode 35
Owner Capture the point and hold it until the end of the match in "Swarm Domination" mode 35
Walking bank Gather 200 resources during single match in scavenge raid mode 35
First Aid Rescue 30 incapacitated teammates 20
What the doctor ordered Heal 30 teammates with health lower than 20% with health packs or stim pistol 20
Dispenser Dispense 10 explosive ammo packs to teammates 20
I am safe! Use masking grenade on 3 teammates with zombies near 35
Effective communication Mark special zombies 50 times 20
Madman Finish 100 games in PvE 35

  • The most effective way

  • What the doctor ordered

  • Strong immunity


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