The Complex


The Rebel And The Doctor Rekindle an old flame 100
Kindar Surprise Sleeper agent 25
Not A People Person Everyone dies 100
People Pleaser Get over 50% relationship status with everyone 100

The Nano Glitches And The Martyr Find an ending 25
Second Chances Find an ending 25
Get Out Of This Alive Find an ending 25
The Promise Find an ending 100
Lab Rat Find an ending 25
Stalemate Find an ending 25
Trust Me For Once Find an ending 25
MVP - Most Vanishing Person Find an ending 25
Storage Hunter Find the evidence 50
Beat It Tell a joke 25
Deadly Secret Find the hidden ending 75
Free Champagne Escort the investor out 25
Falling For You He was alive... 50
Tough Decision Relationships matter 50
Blast From The Past Reinforcements have arrived 25
Kamikaze Sacrifices must be made 100


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