Transformers:Rise of the Dark Spark


Aligned Chose your allegiance. 10
Peace Through Tyranny Defeated 250 Autobots. 15
It Was An Honor Defeated 250 Decepticons and mercenaries. 15
Short Circuit Reached Level 5. 10
Perfect Reached Level 10. 10
You Got The Touch Reached Level 25. 10
Covenant of Primus Activated Prime Mode. 50
It’s The Thought That Counts Opened 3 Gear Boxes. 10
Tough Made it through Wave 5 in Escalation. 10
Double Tough Made it through Wave 10 in Escalation. 25
Double Tough Hard Made it through Wave 15 in Escalation. 50
Hmm, Upgrades Upgraded an installation to max level in Escalation. 10
You Get Nothing, Good Day Sir Slowed down the reverse engineering project. 10
Make Peace, Not War Destroyed Lockdown's Weapon Caches. 10
Somebody's Watching Me Found all the Stalker's Observations. 25
Make it Rain Discovered the fate of the Entrepreneur. 25
Spoils of War Listened to all the Veteran's laments. 25
Snitches Get Stitches As Drift, destroyed all the Anti-Alien Propaganda Billboards. 10
My Blade Has Tasted Better As Drift, defeated 25 enemies with the Blade Dash ability. 15
Spectacularly Amazing! As Sideswipe, got through the whole chasm using less than 6 grapples. 25
Softly Softly Catchee Monkey As Swindle, defeated Cliffjumper without causing any collateral damage. 20
No One Gets Outta Here Alive! Destroyed everything outside the Gates of Kaon. 10
What Could Go Wrong? As Optimus, completed the rescue of Cliffjumper without using the turret. 25
I'd Like To Leave Here Please As Jetfire, escaped the ruins of Trypticon without taking any damage from the laser gates. 15
Sting Like A . . . As Bumblebee, defeated a sniper with a melee attack. 10
Tread Lightly As Grimlock, prevented Optimus from falling below 50% health while defending him. 25
Give Me The News Doc Healed 50,000 health points amongst you and your allies. 25
Need … Oil … Can Defeated 75 enemies that are slowed. 25
Bleeding Edge Completed the game with a HACK active. 25
Of Merit and Distinction Earned 250 combat distinctions. 25
Challenge Accepted Completed 50 Challenges. 50
Blasters! Blasters! Blasters! Unlocked every weapon. 25
This Weapon of Iron & Wood Fully upgraded a primary weapon. 10
VROOM-pire! Defeated 50 enemies by siphoning their health away with the Energon Harvester. 10
Y U Heff 2 B Mad? Used the V32.Cybr Corrupt@r on a Power Foe and have them defeat an enemy. 25
Shadow Company Defeated 25 enemies after using the Cloak ability. 25
Thumbs Up Soldier! Defeated 35 enemies using throwback damage from the Kinetic Capacitor Shield ability. 10
Marked for Destruction Defeated 50 enemies marked with E.D.U. 25
Turret Buddy Defeated 25 enemies with your Battle Sentry. 20
healing.ex e Repaired 5,000 points of damage with your Repair Sentry. 20
Quartermaster Resupplied 250 times with the Ammo Supply Core. 20
Totally OP Defeated 100 enemies with the Riot Cannon. 20
I Hope You Have Insurance Healed 15,000 health points with your Heal Beam. 20
Scrapped Used Explosive Path to defeat 35 enemies. 20
Tormenta Used Thunder Blast to earn 35 multi kills. 20
Loadsa Money Earned 25,000 Energon Shards. 20
What Does This Do? Used 50 T.E.C.H. 15
It's Not A Sprint Drove or Flew 26 miles (42km). 10
Full Metal Jacket Reloaded 1,000 times. 10
Welcome to Earth! Defeated Lockdown. 50


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