Moving Out



111% Effort Achieve 111% in the game 111
Certified F.A.R.T Complete all Story levels. 75
Winners Don't Move Rugs Complete all Arcade levels 50
Objectives Complete! Complete all level objectives in every level 60
Masters in Moving Complete all levels with Gold medals 70
PHD In Moving Complete 20 story levels with Gold medals 40
Moving On Up Complete 10 story levels with Gold medals 40
Choo Choo Complete "The Chase" 40
Who's the Boss? Defeat the Rat King 40
Where we're going we don't need thrones Sit on every toilet in the game 40
Remember The Time... Complete all memory levels 40
Massive Window Attack Smash 100 windows 40
Golden Mover Get a Gold Medal in one level 25
An Eye for the Details Complete all bonus objectives in one level 25
Rain, hail or shine. Slap every mailbox in the story levels 25
Go Long! Throw 500 items 25
Nick of Time Beat a level in story mode with under 5 seconds left on the clock 25
Minute Mover Beat a level in under a minute 5
Quantity over quality Deliver 1337 items 20
The Friendly Ghosts Complete all haunted levels without slapping any ghosts 69
The Bird Shoot a basketball hoop 20
That's Not Landfill! Deliver the hidden console from each story level 64
Animal Lover Deliver every pet 25
Look left, then right... Get run over by 125 cars 5
Totally Certified Complete Mandatory Training 1
You Don't Got Mail! Smash the hidden letterbox with the truck 20

Movers in Paradise
Recertified Complete welcome to Packmore Resort 50
Who lives here? Find out who lives on Packmore Island 50
Where to next? Complete Movers In Paradise 100
Golden paradise Get Gold on all Movers in Paradise levels 200
Objectives Complete II: The Completionist Complete all bonus objectives 200
Did I do that? Showed that car Who's the Boss 50
Hot Tub Reward Machine Deliver the puffer fish in a jacuzzi 50
SMASH! Destroy 50 sandcastles 50
Zip It Good Ride every zipline on Packmore Island 50
Not Landfill 2: Packmore Island's Revenge Find and deliver all the hidden cassette tapes 100
Oh the humanity Explode all the hot air balloons on Packmore Island map 50
Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ride a scuba tank. Weeeeeeee 50

+ 日本語訳のみ
111% Effort ゲームで111%を達成 111
Certified F.A.R.T すべてのStoryレベルを完了 75
Winners Don't Move Rugs すべてのArcadeレベルを完了 50
Objectives Complete! すべてのレベルですべての目標を完了 60
Masters in Moving すべてのレベルを金メダルで完了 70
PHD In Moving 20のStoryレベルを金メダルで完了 40
Moving On Up 10のStoryレベルを金メダルで完了 40
Choo Choo 「TheChase」を完了 40
Who's the Boss? Rat Kingを倒す 40
Where we're going we don't need thrones ゲーム内のすべてのトイレに座る 40
Remember The Time... すべてのメモリレベルを完了 40
Massive Window Attack 100個の窓ガラスを壊す 40
Golden Mover 1つのレベルで金メダルを獲得する 25
An Eye for the Details 1つのレベルですべてのボーナス目標を完了 25
Rain, hail or shine. すべてのStoryレベルのメールボックスを叩く 25
Go Long! 500アイテムを投げる 25
Nick of Time Storyで残り時間5秒未満でレベルを完了 25
Minute Mover 1分以内にレベルを完了 5
Quantity over quality 1337アイテムを搬送する 20
The Friendly Ghosts すべてのhauntedレベルを幽霊を叩くことなく完了 69
The Bird バスケットゴールにシュート 20
That's Not Landfill! すべてのStoryレベルの隠しコンソールを完了 64
Animal Lover すべてのペットを搬送する 25
Look left, then right... 125台の車にひかれる 5
Totally Certified Mandatory Trainingを完了 1
You Don't Got Mail! 隠されたレターボックスをトラックで壊す 20


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