Red Bow


Red Bow 100% Achievement/Trophy Walkthrough (XB1/PS4)


Keys unlock the world Or at least the front door. 15
Making new friends? My name is Kubi! 15
Floating above the floor My name is Akira! 15
Rock a bye baby. In the cold cot. 15
*Sigh* Another sink eh? C'mon Stranga! 15
Hush little baby. Mama's gonna find you a way back home. 15
A hanging shadow. The silhouette of a broken woman. 15
It gleams in the gray. A red glow. 15
Self sacrifice. The greatest of all deeds? 15
Forgiveness It can't be heard by those who can't hear it. 15
A second chance? Lives are precious. 15
The grocery store. Just pop down to the shops! 15
Pretty vogue. A smile goes a long way. 15
A cat! You could try calling it? 15
Happy 4th of July! Fireworks in a pan! 15
Smile for the camera! This woman looks familiar... 15
Am I pretty? Well... am I? 15
A random caller? Keep calling! I love that ringing sound! 15
Always look twice! You'll never know what you might find! 15
Into the sewers we go! Hope there's no gators down there! 15
Deep fried Roh! Whoops! 15
Two birds one stone. Better go check on them! 15
Burn the bride. Happiness dies in flames. 15
An undying love. Sparked by our memories. 15
Thank you Mr. Kitty! And sorry about the loud noise! 30
I'm on a boat?! The sea, a place where dreams drown. 30
The truth hurts. In more ways than one. 30
An unfixable mistake. But too learn from it. 30
A bottle for a map? A map to nowhere. 30
What shall we do with the drunken sailor! Early in the mourning. 30
I am Umbi. I am more than meets the eye. 30
A bottomless fate. The last glimpse of light. 30
Takes a lot to sink a friendship! Even after a few a few storms. 40
The end of the line? What is this place? 90
Awaken. Good Ending. 90
Well... I tried. There is a better ending. 90
Giving up? But we all depend on you, Roh! 90


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