The Office Quest


Adventure seeker Adventure seeker 70
Piniyata Crusher Angela from accounting will be disappointed 70
The Boss’s Boss Sneak past the boss 70
Code Cracker You unlocked the safe 70
Barista You have mastered two coffee recipes 70
Party Planner Escape the conference room 70
Tissue Paper Grabber That was a-mazing! 70
Sharp mind You solved all the riddles 70
Explorer Find your way out of the building 70
Twinkles Spreader Beat the lights game 70
Treasure Tracker Collect 3 Coins 50
Strategy Wizard Win 3 in-a-row game 50
Simon Master Beat Simon Says game 50
Selfie Sneaker Sneak a Selfie 50
Traffic Light Fixer Fix the traffic light 50
Cash Catcher Crack the ATM 10
The Boss’s Favorite Humor the Boss 40


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