Mystik Belle


Taker of things Pick up every item in the game. 100
Herbicidal Tendencies Get rid of the carnivorous plant. 30
Clever clogs Assemble a Leyden Jar. 30
Belle?! BELLE! Create a replacement large gear. 30
Scary fishing Retrieve an item from a pool of darkness. 30
Star Pupil Find the first piece of lore. 30
Environmentalist Discard all the fluff items. 30
Boom goes the dynamite! Detonate a cave-in. 30
I don't even! Travel to another world. 40
Kind soul Give the lizard its home back. 40
What did I miss?! Get the game's "good" ending. 100
Sleepy Girl Complete the game with the true ending. 140
Respect my authority! Never leave a room without a hall pass. 170
Speedrunner Complete the game under an hour. 200


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