EA Sports UFC 2



It's My First Day Complete the UFC® 189 Intro scenario. 15
Spin to Win Score a knockout with any spinning attack. 20
Checkmate Win a match by using a submission chain. 20
Risky Business Submit an opponent with a flying submission. 20
Better Late Than Never Knockout or submit your opponent in the last ten seconds of the final round. 20
Throw It On The Ground Knockout your opponent with a slam. 25
Not So Fast Takedown an opponent using a Judo counter. 10
Strike First,Strike Hard Knockout your opponent within the first thirty seconds of a match. 40
Don't Talk the Talk... Knockout your opponent within fifteen seconds of them taunting. 35
A Change of Pace Mix up your match ups… (Career Mode) 20
I Got This Take advantage of an opportunity… (Career Mode) 20
Surprise! Have something interesting happen… (Career Mode) 15
Outmatched Take on a daunting opponent… (Career Mode) 25
Push It To The Limit Train your hardest… (Career Mode) 40
On the Rise Earn your first major victory… (Career Mode) 25
Still Standing Have a long lived career… (Career Mode) 75
The Champion Chase the ultimate prize… (Career Mode) 70
Matchmaker Create and play through an event in Custom Events with at least four fights. 20
Putting in the Time Complete every Skill Challenge on every difficulty. 25
Work Ethic Complete every Skill Challenge with an A Rank on every difficulty. 50
The Whole Crew Complete a match with each of your featured fighters in Ranked Championships Mode in one day. 30
The Legend Become a Champion in Ranked or Ultimate Championships. 75
Money Where Your Mouth Is Submit your picks for every fight on a card in Live Events. 15
Bonus! Submit a Play Bonus pick in Live Events. 25
The First Step Open your first Fight Pack in UFC Ultimate Team. 10
Fully Loaded Apply a Perk and a Move Item to a single fighter in UFC Ultimate Team. 15
All in a Day's Work Complete all of your objectives in UFC Ultimate Team in one day. 15
Stockpile Have 200 total Items or more in your UFC Ultimate Team Collection at one time. 50
Blue Belt Reach Team Level 6. 10
Brown Belt Reach Team Level 16. 25
Red Belt Reach Team Level 26. 75
Heavy Purse Earn 10,000 Coins as fight rewards. 25
Making Bank Earn 100,000 Coins as fight rewards. 40


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