• 項目数:11
  • 総ポイント:1000
  • 難易度:★☆☆☆☆

  • 攻略動画

Getting Stronger! 90 Eat an acorn in Normal Mode
Playing the safe way! 90 Get 20 keys in Kid Mode
Try again! 90 Be smushed
It's time to grow up! 90 Complete Kid Mode
The key to success! 90 Get 5 keys in Normal Mode
Saving progress! 90 Reach a checkpoint in Normal Mode
The Housekeeper! 90 Get 10 keys in Normal Mode
Burning all! 90 Eat a jalapeno in Normal Mode
Master of Keys! 90 Get 20 keys in Normal Mode
Starry Starry Night 90 Grab a bonus star out of any level in Normal Mode
Teach him a lesson! 100 Defeat the 1st Moon Man in Normal Mode


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