Alto's Adventure



A Decade On The Slopes 10 years of gametime 100
A Month On The Slopes A month of gametime 30
A Week On The Slopes Seven days of gametime 10
A Year On The Slopes A year of gametime 50
Complete The Tutorial You learned how to play! 10
Game Complete You did all the challenges and were awesome! 100
Save 1,000 Llamas 1,000 Lllamas saved 30
Save 10,000 Llamas Saved 10,000 llamas 50
Save 100,000 Llamas Saved 100,000 llamas 100
Stuck Snowboard Your Snowboard got stuck in the snow 10
Short Distance You travelled a short distance 20
Medium Distance You travelled a medium distance 30
Long Distance You travelled a long distance 60
Mega Distance You travelled a mega distance 100
Played as Alto Played as Alto 20
Played as Maya Played as Maya 30
Played as Paz Played as Paz 40
Played as Felipe Played as Felipe 60
Played as Tupa Played as Tupa 100
Played as Izel Played as Izel 50


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