Concept Destruction


The Artist Get to the paint zone in "The Rooftop" 15
The Bully Destroy car "TIFA X/2" using car "ZIP JX" 15
The Champion Win the Championship 30
The Collector Pick up 5 batteries from other cars (it doesn't need to happen in a single event) 40
The Escapist Get out of the arena in "The Bulls" 90
The Hater Destroy a rival car in Tourism mode 90
The Killer Destroy a rival car 90
The Learner Pass all school lessons 30
The Pilot Jump and stay in air for more than 3 seconds 30
The Player Hit the hidden ball in "The Stadium" 30
The Rebel Get out of the driving area in School 90
The Roofer Drive on the roof in "The Plaza" 90
The Scorer Drive through one of the goal posts in "The Stadium" 90
The Serial Killer Destroy 3 rival cars in a single event 90
The Survivor Survive over 3 minutes in Survival mode 90
The Tourist Drive over 5 minutes in Tourism mode 90


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