Children of Morta



Fist Step Defeat the Spider King in Main Story. 15
Di Vine Machine Construct Ben's wine machine 30
Adventurer Complete 5 in-run events 15
Explorer Complete 10 in-run events 15
Bargainer Free the shopkeeper 15
Runemender Free the runemender 15
Gambler Free the blackmarketeer 15
Well-equipped Upgrade 10 times in the workshop 15
Gear Mastery Upgrade 25 times in the workshop 15
Armed to the Teeth Upgrade 75 times in the workshop 30
Ancient Knowledge Upgrade The Book of Rea 5 times 15
Ancient Mastery Upgrade The Book of Rea 15 times 30
Unus pro Omnibus Unlock a family trait 15
Cream of the Crop Unlock all family traits of a Bergson 30
Together We Stand Unlock a family trait of three different Bergsons 15
Omnes pro Uno Unlock all family traits 90
Family Reunion Unlock all playable characters 15
Richie Rich Have 20000 Morv 15
Scavenger Bring back 15 souvenirs from the dungeons 15
Loremaster Find 20 journals 15
Most Curious Resolve 20 puzzle events 30
Challenger Complete 10 challenge rooms 15
Faithful Find 10 divine items in a single dungeon 15
Geared Up Have 3 runes equipped simultaneously 15
Chrming Bergson Use 5 charms in the same dungeon run 15
Master of the Obelisk Gain each obelisk effect at least once 15
Trickster Kill 100 enemies using hazards 15
Unstoppable Family Kill 5000 enemies 30
Ferocity Denied Kill 50 ferocious enemies 15
Ferocity Shut Down Kill 250 ferocious enemies 30
Stronger Together Finish a dungeon in co-op mode 15
I Won't Let You Die Revive 5 times in co-op mode 15
No More Secrets Find 10 secrets 15
It Runs in the Family Kill a boss with every playable character 15
Perfectionist Kill a boss without receiving damage 30

It Has Begun Investigate the shrine of Rea 10
First Spirit Free Anai-Dya 15
Mother Mary Rescue Mary 30
Sand Survivor Free Anai-Raha 15
Birth of Hope Bring Hope into the world 15
Too Hot to Stay Free Anai-Sarava 15
Guardians of Morta Defeat OU 90
A New Member Save the wolf cub 30
Stargazer Shelter the stargazer 30
Children of Geppetto Reunite the automata 30


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