Two Birds, One Stone Use a bomb on two opponents at the same time.
Vengeance, and running! Grapple someone who just grappled you.
From Way Downtown Grapple someone from far away.
Backfired Shoot yourself with your own rocket.
Smooth Moves! Dodge the Golden Hook 10 times.
Strike! Hit three opponents with one fireball.
Triple Freeze! Freeze three opponents with one ray.
Super Speed Maintain superspeed for a full second.
Deflected! Deflect a fireball with a shockwave.
100% Reach max XP.
Welcome to New Rush City Beat the final Chapter in Story
The King of New Rush City Beat all Chapters on Unfair difficulty.
Hook Block Block 10 golden hooks with crates.
A Race against Time Beat the first Chapter in Story.
Officer requesting Backup Beat the second Chapter in Story.
The most dangerous Game Beat the third Chapter in Story
Sultan of Swing Don't touch the floor for 15 seconds.
Ready for Ranked Unlock Ranked matches.


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