Tracks - The Train Set Game


Sapling Save a file containing 100 pieces of track 100
Elementree school Finish the tutorial 100
Spruce up the room Place 20 decorations from the spawn menu 50
On the right track Deliver your first passenger to their destination 100
Riding the rails Complete the first objective in Passenger mode 50
Good Service on all lines Finish every objective in Passenger mode 200
Transcontinental railway Visit every environment 100
I choo choo choose you Pull the steam whistle around the Christmas presents 100
Off the rails Ride a train off the edge of the world 100
Maple goodness Ride the train around the pancakes 100

Sci-Fi Pack DLC
Rocket man Get 10 seconds of air time on the Moon 100
1969 Recreate the moon landing shot and use the camera to take a photo 100
UFO Replacement Service Take an alien passenger from a crashed UFO to a station 100
A reference Put an alien passenger in the basket of a flying bicycle 100
Colonisation Put 50 unique decorations on the moon 100


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