Amazing Spider-Man 2


Human Completed the game on Human difficulty 25
Hero Completed the game on Hero difficulty 40
Super Hero Completed the game on Super Hero difficulty 80
Bookworm Collected all Spider-Man comic books 25
Lover Retrieved all parts of Black Cat's journal 15
Special Agent Retrieved all parts of Menken's journal 15
Investigator Retrieved all parts of Detective's journal 15
I'm on a Roll Achieved a combo streak of 42 15
Stay Down! Performed 15 signature moves 10
Breaker Destroyed 20 body armors 10
Know Your Enemies Unlocked all character bios 15
Reporter Completed all photo challenges 15
All Tied Up Defeated 50 enemies by performing stealth takedowns 25
Drop It! Disarmed 50 enemies 30
Now It Is Over Defeated Carnage 30
Fashionista Unlocked all suits 20
Infiltration Completed all hideouts 20
Luchador! Completed all combat challenges 15
Can't Hit Me Achieved 30 multidodges 20
Timing Is Everything Achieved 100 critical hits 20
Lightweight Champion Defeated 100 enemies 20
Middleweight Champion Defeated 300 enemies 20
Heavyweight Champion Defeated 500 enemies 20
Hero of the People Saved 50 civilians 30
Ultimate Spider-Man Reached maximum levels for all suits 30
State of the Art Unlocked all concept art 20
True Hero Heroism to the maximum 20
Enforcer Completed 10 deadlock situations 15
Fireman Completed 10 building on fire situations 15
Guardian Angel Completed 10 rescue situations 15
Vigilante Completed 10 petty crime situations 15
Fast-Tracker Completed 5 races 15
Master of the Web Performed 50 signature moves 20
Sneaky Completed a hideout without being spotted 20

Hunter of Killers Photographed all Cletus Kasady symbols 30
Shocking! Defeated Shocker 30
The Hunter, Hunted Defeated Kraven 30
Lovers' Quarrel Defeated Black Cat 20
Is It Over? Defeated Cletus Kasady 20
You Are Under Arrest Defeated Kingpin 20
The Green Goblin Defeated Green Goblin 30
Switch Off Defeated Electro 30
Friendly Fire Damaged Carnage with fire at least 3 times before defeating him 15
Shotgun Acquired the Seismic Blast ability 10
Disintegrator Acquired the ionic web 10
Aerial Break Destroyed any armored enemy using Web-Strike 20


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