Evan's Remains


Step by step. Solve the first puzzle 15
Don't push yourself too hard. Skip a puzzle for the first time. 20
Take your time. Spend more than 15 minutes to solve a puzzle. 20
The Forest. Reach Zone 2 30
The Town. Reach Zone 3 30
The City. Reach Zone 4 30
The Garden. Reach Zone 4.5 30
The Valley. Reach Zone 5 30
The Water Plant. Reach Zone 6 30
The Flower Field. Reach Zone 7 30
Translating. Discover what the message says. 40
Goodbye Dysis. Play as a new character. 40
Revelation. Discover the truth. 50
Aurelio. Find the mysterious man. 105
You did it. Beat the game. 150
For the Backers. Play through the after-credits scene. 150
Boquita papá! Drink mate using the termo of el más grande. 200


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