Mercenary Get 100% completion in Normal Mode 75
Contract Killer Get 100% completion in Hard Mode 80
Assassin Get 100% completion in Badass Mode 90
Hunter Defeat the Shogun 75
Nose for Easter Eggs Find at least 5 secret locations 75
Play Fetch Kill a dog by making it fetch a grenade 40
I can do better Press the retry button after completing a level 40
Yippee Ki Yay Complete a level without picking up any weapons 75
Slap Shot Get hit by Nadja Drago's hockey stick and land in the goal 40
Cannonball Run Destroy 5 cars at the Overseer's Fume Pit without dying 75
Duck Hunt Kick and shoot 10 enemies with a Shotgun before they hit the ground on one level 40
I'll be back Restart more than 5 times during a fight with a bounty 20
Loyal Customer Get kicked out by Tony 5 times at the same checkpoint 20
Looks that Kill Trash a guitar on Sid Handsome 20
Ain't got time to bleed Kill a bounty while having one health point left 40
This is my boom-stick! Kill 10 enemies at close range with a Sawed-off on one level 40
Taste of her own medicine Make Suki the Sniper kill herself with her own missile 75
Baseball Fury Kill 10 enemies with a Baseball Bat on one level 40
Everlasting Patience Watch all of Wolfmother's briefs without pressing skip 40


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