Power Overwhelming Beat the game losing 8 souls total at most. 155
From the Top Beat the game. 130
Master Sukurúame Purchased all upgrades. 110
Friendly Fire Made an enemy kill another one by accident. 95
Swift Lancer Used all combos at least once. 80
A Link Between Worlds Interacted with every ghost in the game. 65
One With Nature Used each potion at least 20 times. 55
FINISH HIM!! Defeated 50 enemies using the finisher. 45
Warrior Defeated 200 enemies. 40
Bear Stare Used the Bear transformation to defeat a Boss. 35
Property Damage Destroyed 20 tents in Paquimé's Market. 40
PETA's been informed of your behaviour Attempted to hit a pheasant. 35
This is not Zel..that game Attempted to destroy a vase in Paquimé. 35
Light Feet Sprinted for over a minute without stopping. 80


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