☆Windows Phone7用タイトル

Absolute Beginner Reach Level 5 in MonstaFish! 10
Committed Reach Level 20 in MonstaFish! 15
Rock the sea floor Achieve a Hyper Bubble in MonstaFish! 10
Monsta Skills Achieve 3 Mega Bubbles on a single level in MonstaFish! 15
Goldfish Rescue Get the Goldfish to clean the pollution meter in MonstaFish! 5
Loner Last 3 minutes without the help of any bubblefish in Time Attack 15
Terminator Last all 3 minutes in Time Attack 10
Sharpshooter Hit 50 fish in a row without missing in Time Attack 15
Survivor Survive for 2 minutes in Fish Hunt 15
Point Break Get 4x points on two consecutive shots in Fish Hunt 20
Captain Hook Reach level 15 in Fish Hook 15
Control Freak Complete 10 levels in a row without losing a bubblefish in Fish Hook 15
Happy Birthday Get a second fish for the Fish Tank 10
Pure Gold Get a goldfish for the Fish Tank 30