Football Genius




Football Genius Answer 500 questions correctly 30
Hattrick Answer 3 questions correctly in a row 10
Starter Answer the first Kick Off question correctly before any other players 10
All Rounder Get 1 answer correctly in each of the 9 rounds throughout a single game 20
Untouchable Win a foul play round without receiving any fouls 15
Glory Boy Keep possession of the ball for the entire Dribble Round 10
Perfect Throw In Answer a throw-in question correctly with only one hint on the screen 15
Paparazzi Answer 5 picture questions correctly in a single game 10
Tackle Devil Tackle over 2500 points from one player in a single game 20
Striker Answer 30 question correctly in a single game 20
Victor Win a game against at least 1 opponent 20
Football Fan Answer 200 questions correctly 20

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