Hasbro Family Game Night

項目数: 91
総ポイント: 1850 (200*7 + 150*3)

価格:本体無料 + 4000 (400*10) MSP
ジャンル:アクション アーケード

オンライン実績はScrabbleの「World Wide Web」のみ


Boggle 配信日:2009年5月27日(海外)2009年11月25日(日本)
Winner! Win one game of Boggle 10
Loads Of Winning! Win a total of 5 games of Boggle - Any mode 30
Wordsmith Score 5 6-letter words in one round of Boggle 20
Bits and Pieces Make 10 words that are 3 letters long in one round 10
Portal Pro Win 10 games of Boggle with Portal Cubes turned on 20
The Mind Boggles Win a game with 20 words that are 3 letters long 20
The Mighty 8 Spell an 8-letter word in Boggle 20
I Call Fives Finish a game only using 5-letter words 20
Fifty Wins Win 50 multiplayer games of Boggle 40

Enough Already! Shook the Boggle box for longer than 10 seconds 10
どのモードでも実績は解除できるので、Word Huntモードにて1ゲーム終了後

●Loads Of Winning!
●Portal Pro
「Protal Pro」はゲーム終了後の設定で全てONにして1プレイ放置。

●I Call Fives

Connect 4 配信日:2009年3月18日(海外)2009年11月25日(日本)
You are Win! Win just one game of Connect 4 10
More Wins! Win a total of 10 games of Connect 4 20
High Five Win at Connect 4 by connecting 5 20
Grid Lock Finish a game with a draw by filling the whole board 20
Smooth Operator Connect 4 in under 2 minutes 20
Operator, this is an emergency Connect 4 in under 30 seconds 20
Power Chip Collector Win a game of Connect 4 Using all of the Power Chip types at least once 20
Horizon Line Win a game of connect 4 with a horizontal line of 7 pieces. Single player or multiplayer 20
Lord of the Wins Win 50 games of Connect 4 30
Perfection Win 4 single player rounds in a row! 20

Sorry! 配信日:2009年4月29日(海外)2009年11月25日(日本)
Win! Win one game of Sorry! 10
5 Times Win! Win a total of 5 games of Sorry! against a friend 25
My Apologies Move one pawn of an opposing team back to the start zone 5
Fragile Alliance Finish Sorry! without sending any of one teams pawns back to the start 10
I am not Sorry at all Win a multiplayer game in under 10 minutes 30
All Out Offensive Move 2 pawns from every opposing team back to the start in one game 30
Rainbow Dancing Win a game after moving one pawn from each team back to the start zone 10
The Yellow Dart Use a Sorry! yellow slide to send a pawn back to start 20
Red Vengeance Use Sorry! on an opponent within one round of them using Sorry! on one of your pawns. 20
Master of the Cards Use all the Sorry! Bonus Cards in one game 40

Yahtzee 配信日:2009年3月18日(海外)2009年11月25日(日本)
For the Win! Win one game of Yahtzee against a friend 10
All the Sixes Get a Yahtzee with all sixes! 20
High Chance Fill the chance Total with a score above 24 25
Dice Time Clock up over an Hour of playtime in Yahtzee 20
High Roller Roll 3 Yahtzee's in one game 15
Real Small Roll a small straight starting with a 1 20
I Only Need One... Roll a Yahtzee, Full House or Large Straight on your first roll 30
Ground Floor Apartment Roll a Full House using only 1’s and 2’s 10
Infinite Win Win 50 games of Yahtzee 40

Papa needs a new pair of shoes Shook the Yahtzee dice for longer than 10 seconds 10

Sorry! Sliders 配信日:2009年6月24日(海外)2009年11月25日(日本)
Winningtons! Win one game of Sorry! Sliders 10
So Many Wins... Win 20 games of Sorry! Sliders 20
Flawless Victory! Win a game of Sorry! Sliders without losing a Slider off the board 20
Battle Box Master Finish a game having used all of the powerups at least once 20
Fast Sliding Win at Sorry! Sliders in under 5 minutes 10
I Don't Need Help Finish one game with Battleboxes turned on but do not collect a single one 10
Over the falls Knock 4 pawns of the same colour out in one game of Sorry! Sliders 30
Slide Time Play Sorry! Sliders for a total time of 1 hour 30
Ice Man Use the Ice Pawn 10 times 20
Event Horizon Win a game of Sorry! Sliders on Instant Sorry without falling into the centre hole 30

Battleship 配信日:2009年3月18日(海外)2009年11月25日(日本)
Captain Win! Win one game of Battleship against a friend 10
Destroyer'd! Sink your opponent's Destroyer before any other ship 20
Make Every Shot Count Sink a ship longer than 3 units without missing 20
The hunt for Blue November Win a game of Battleship Salvo with your submarine still afloat 20
Beginners Luck Score a hit on your first turn 10
Escort Mission Finish a game with two ships still afloat that are next to each other 30
Sea Commander Win 20 games of Battleship 30
Iron Bottom Sound Sink all your opponent's ships in Salvo Mode within 4 turns 30
Minimal Loss Win at Battleship while keeping at least 3 of your fleet afloat 20
I thought I heard singing... Do not fall for a Decoy 10

Scrabble 配信日:2009年3月18日(北米のみ)
Word Win! Win one game of Scrabble. (Scrabble is only available in North America & English). 10
More Winning Win 5 games of Scrabble - Any mode. Scrabble is only available in North America & English. 20
Cleaned Out Use all of your letters on one turn. (Scrabble is only available in North America and English). 20
World Wide Web Complete one game of Scrabble on Xbox LIVE. (Scrabble is only available in NA & English). 20
Bridge the gap Reach the other side of the board in bridge builders. (Scrabble is only available in NA & English). 20
A column of 7 Place 5+ tiles in one go to create a vertical 7 letter word. Only available in NA & English. 20
Fire it up! Spell 5 words with letters that are "on fire". (Scrabble is only available in NA & English). 10
Lengthy Word Place 5+ tiles in one go to create a 9 letter word. Scrabble is only available in NA & English. 20
Captain of the Scrabble Team Win 20 games of Scrabble. Scrabble is only available in North America and English. 30
Take your time Reach over an hours playtime in Scrabble. (Scrabble is only available in North America & English). 30

Jenga 配信日:2010年6月23日
Tower Surgeon Remove a Jenga block in 2 seconds in any game mode 10
Bomb Disposal Remove 20 bomb blocks in Jenga Remix mode only 25
No Mercy Win 5 games of Jenga in a row in multiplayer only 25
Plummeting Potato Cause Mr Potato Head to jump to dodge the Jenga tower 10 times 20
Tower Of Strength Accumulate 30 wins in Jenga in multiplayer only 30
Jenga Solitaire Score 1000 points in single-player Jenga 20

Block Battle Played a game of Jenga that exceeds 20 moves (multi-player) 20

Connect 4x4 配信日:2010年6月23日
Power Player Use all the Power Squares in Connect 4X4 Remix 20
Red Leader Win a game in all modes of Connect 4X4 using red chips only 20
Fourmost Win 20 games of Connect 4X4 in any game mode 30
Spoilsport Block a Connect 4 fifteen times in any game mode in Connect 4x4 25
Smarter Than The Machine Outsmart the AI player in Original Connect 4X4 single player 20
Block Around The Clock Win a game with a blocker in Original Connect 4X4 only 20

4x4 in 44 Made a Connect 4 in under 44 seconds in any game mode 15

Pictureka 配信日:2010年6月23日
Pictureka Pair-fection Win a multiplayer game of both Pictureka Original and Pictureka Remix 20
Spelling Wizard Spell a word in 5 seconds or less in Pictureka Remix 20
Hawkeye Find an image in 3 seconds in any Pictureka game mode 10
Crush The Opposition Win a game of Pictureka without other players scoring in any game mode 25
Round Robbin' Win a round on each card type in Pictureka Remix 25
Finders Keepers Win 15 games of Pictureka in any game mode 30

Lucky Guess Won the red card vote 3 times in a row in any Pictureka game mode 20


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