Angry Birds Seasons


☆Windows Phone 8用タイトル

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Pig Popper Smash 300 pigs 10
Haunted Ham Finish Trick or Treat 10
Pumpkin Smasher Smash 300 pumpkins 10
Holiday Spirits Finish all Season's Greedings levels 10
The Grinch Smash 1000 presents 10
All's Fair in Love and War Finish Hogs and Kisses 10
Chocolate Lover Break 300 chocolate boxes 10
It's all Hunky Dory! Finish Go Green, Get Lucky 10
Leprechaun's Secret Break 300 pots of gold 10
Hardboiled Egg Finish Easter Eggs 10
Bunny Hunter Pop 300 Piggy Bunnies 10
Oh, Those Summer Nights Finish all Summer Pignic' levels 10
Oops a Daisy Pick 300 flowers 10
Bright Side of the Moon Finish Moon Festival 10
Shut the Lights! Break 300 lanterns 10
Eggxorcist Finish Ham'o'ween 10
Lovely Bones Break 300 skeletons 10
All Around the Globe Unlock Orange Bird 10
Merry Happy! Finish Wreck the Halls 10
Cookie Crumbler Break 300 Cookies 10

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