Business master Use a “Double The Rent” card on the full dark blue set with a house and hotel. 250
Helpful deal By using a “Forced Deal” card, both players get a full set. 180
I want those ones. Never play property cards. Steal them or request them as payment to finally win the game. 120
Final no Counter a “Just Say No” card with a “Just Say No” card. 90
Collector Have 1 of each kind of property on the board, including Stations and Utilities 60
Wild wild set Have a full set composed of only "Property Wildcards" 60
Settler Have at least 12 properties on the board, including Stations and Utilities 40
Gimme money Use 5 “Rent” cards during a game 40
Selective Win without having a “Property Wildcard” in your full sets 40
My properties!!! Never pay with properties during the game 40
Tactician Use “Deal Breaker” as a final move to win the game 20
In a hurry Be the first to have a full set 20
More cards! Play 3 “Pass Go” cards in a single turn 20
Investor Add a hotel 20
Rent basics Use a “Rent” or “Multi-Colored Rent” card on a full set of properties. 10