SpongeBob HeroPants



A Good Start Find the first missing page 50
Saved the World Finish the game with any character 50
Reality Restored Collect all the missing pages 50
Collector Find all the memorabilia 50
Scrap Metal Defeat the Giant Plankton Bot 50
The Bigger They Are... Escape from Squidwardosaurus Rex 50
It Feels Better Upgrade an ability 50
Can’t Get Better Than This Fully upgrade any character 50
I'm Super Awesome Fully upgrade all characters 50
Vegetarian Finish a level without using any Blaster Burgers 50
Wheeeeee! Jump 100 times on trampolines 50
Invincibubble Finish a level without taking any damage 50
Unbeatabubble Finish a level without falling unconscious 50
Jurassic Dodger Avoid being squashed by Patrickosaurus 50
Self Inflicted Damage Get Patrick squashed by Patrickosaurus 50
Like Looking in a Mirror Wake up Imaginary SpongeBob as SpongeBob 50
Scary Me Escape from Squidwardosaurus Rex as Squidward 50
Bikini Bottom Heroes Become a superhero 100 times 50
Feeling Better Get revived once 50
A friendly hand Revive 5 allies during one session 50

  • Reality Restored
  • Collector