Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

項目数: 41
総ポイント: 1000



Cyan Crystal Collector Collect all 16 Cyan Crystals 25
Purple Crystal Collector Collect all 16 Purple Crystals 25
Amber Crystal Collector Collect all 16 Amber Crystals 25
Red Crystal Collector Collect all 16 Red Crystals 25
Blue Crystal Collector Collect all 16 Blue Crystals 25
Dedicated Collector Collect all 5 sets of 16 crystals 90
The Early Bird Complete Sid's Early Start 15
Baby Proofer Complete Baby Proofing 15
Pursuit Complete The Pursuit 15
Egg Hunt Complete Lonesome Sloth 15
Egbert, Shelly and Yoko Complete Egg Roll 15
Escape! Complete Run Sid Run! 15
A Nutty Rival Complete Nuts About Scratte 15
Meeting Buck Complete Buck to the Rescue 15
Keen Gardener Complete Flower Power 15
Rescue Operation Complete Root of all Evil 15
Helping Scratte Complete Scrat's Jungle Jive 15
Always follow the Rules! Complete Expect the Unexpected! 15
Protect the Babies Complete Noisy Nightlife 15
Ace Shooter Complete Flight of the Pterodactyl 15
Pterosaur Troubles Complete Saving Sid 15
Rescue Sid Complete Rudy's Revenge 15
In Love Complete Scrat's Tar Pit Trouble 15
A Sticky Situation Complete Grave Danger 15
Final Showdown Complete Skeleton Bridge 15
A Chilled Breeze Complete the Ice Age Levels 50
Escaping from the Unknown Complete the levels below the Ice 50
Going Home Complete the Game 90
The Development Team View the Credits 10
Diego's Challenge Complete Diego's Challenge in under 45 seconds 25
Rescue Egbert Complete Egg Roll Challenge 1 in under 40 seconds 25
Rescue Shelly Complete Egg Roll Challenge 2 in under 1 minute 15 seconds 25
Rescue Yoko Complete Egg Roll Challenge 3 in under 1 minute 45 seconds 25
Scrat's Time Challenge 1 Complete Nuts About Scratte Challenge in under 1 minute 25
Scrat's Time Challenge 2 Complete Scrat's Jungle Jive Challenge in under 2 minutes 15 seconds 25
Scrat's Time Challenge 3 Complete Scrat's Tar Pit Trouble Challenge in under 2 minutes 25
Pterodactyl Assault Complete Saving Sid Challenge in under 2 minutes 50 seconds 25
Momma's Challenge Score 350 or more in the Run Sid Run! Challenge 25
Quiet Time Score 700 or more in the Noisy Nightlife Challenge 25
Dino Fighter Pilot Score 700 or more in the Flight of the Pterodactyl Challenge 25
Rudy's Challenge Score 450 or more in the Rudy's Revenge Challenge 25

  • クリスタル関連
ストーリーモードで取り逃した場合はReplay levelsから獲得可能。取得状況も表示されている。取得後は自動セーブされるのでステージをクリアせずにタイトルに戻っても良い。
クリスタルはストーリーモードだけでは全部集まらず、足りないクリスタルはtrade shackで購入しなくてはならない。林檎がかなり必要なのでストーリーモードで集めておくと楽。

  • The Early Bird~Going Home

  • The Development Team

  • Diego's Challenge

  • Rescue Egbert

  • Rescue Shelly

  • Rescue Yoko

  • Scrat's Time Challenge 1

  • Scrat's Time Challenge 2

  • Scrat's Time Challenge 3

  • Momma's Challenge

  • Quiet Time

  • Dino Fighter Pilot

  • Rudy's Challenge


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