SWTCW:Republic Heroes



Refresher Course Finish the Prologue Mission: Master & Padawan 10
Girl Power Finish all Jedi Missions as Ahsoka 15
Double Trouble Perform a Droid-Jak at the same time as your partner 10
Act 1 Padawan Finish all Act 1 Missions on Padawan Difficulty 10
Act 1 Master Finish all Act 1 Missions on Master Difficulty 15
Nobody messes with... Finish all Clone Missions as Cad Bane 30
Droid Hopper Destroy 25 Droids by Jumping from Droid to Droid 15
Act 2 Padawan Finish all Act 2 Missions on Padawan Difficulty 10
Act 2 Master Finish all Act 2 Missions on Master Difficulty 15
Two's company Finish a mission with another Player 10
Dance of Death Destroy 25 droids while they are dancing 15
Act 3 Padawan Finish all Act 3 Missions on Padawan Difficulty 30
Act 3 Master Finish all Act 3 Missions on Master Difficulty 90
Heroic Alliance Finish a mission in co-op with a combined score of over 10000 points 15
Youngling Award Get at least a Bronze Medal for every challenge 15
Republic Heroes Finish all missions with another Player 30
Master Award Get a Gold Medal for every challenge 30
Jawa Scavenger Collect an Artifact 10
Jawa Hunter Collect 25 Artifacts 10
Jawa Lord Collect 50 Artifacts 30
Come back soon Buy a Hat or Mask 10
Combat Master Buy all Combat upgrades 15
Droid Master Buy all Droid-Jak upgrades 15
Dance Master Buy all Droid Dancing upgrades 15
Can't Touch Me Defeat Kul Teska on Behpour without either player dying 15
Dressed for Success Buy every Hat & Mask 30
Jedi Knight Get a Gold Medal on a Jedi Mission 15
Clone Captain Get a Gold Medal on a Clone Mission 15
Jedi Master Get a Platinum Medal on a Jedi Mission 30
Clone Commander Get a Platinum Medal on a Clone Mission 30
Droid Disruptor Get over 250 points while controlling a single droid 10
Demolition Derby Destroy over 100 droids with Droid-Jaks 15
Droid Dynamo Get over 100 points while controlling each type of Droid 15
Dynamic Duo Finish all Jedi missions as Anakin & Ahsoka 15
High Achiever Get a total score of over 200,000 points 30
Time to kill Get a combined best time for all missions under 200 minutes 30
Scrap Lord Destroy 5000 droids 30
Campaign Veteran Get a Gold Medal for every mission 90
Bowling Master Destroy 10 Droids with a rolling Destroyer 15
My Hero Destroy 10 Droids attacking your partner 15
Force Crusher Destroy 50 Droids with a mounted Force Kill 15
Watch your step Push 50 enemies off an edge to their doom 15
Grand Slam Destroy 25 Droids by doing a jump attack off another character 15
Up close and personal Destroy 50 droids with a clone melee attack 15
Tag Team Destroy 100 droids your partner has stunned 15
Handle with care Destroy 20 droids with explosive props 15
I got one! Destroy a Gold Droid 10
Gold Leader Force Kill one of each type of Gold Droid 15
No Favorites Destroy at least one droid with each Droid-Jak 15

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