Deadliest Warrior The Game

項目数: 15(12+3)
総ポイント: 250(200+50)

DL費用:800MSP / 9.99ドル DLC:400MSP / 500円



A Head of the Competition Decapitate 100 enemy warriors as the primary player. 20
That Was Sparta! Kill 300 Spartans as the primary player. 20
Tournament to Kill Win 10 online tournaments as the primary player. 20
Pin Cushion Stick 4 projectiles in a single opponent as the primary player. 10
Against All Odds Defeat 25 warriors in Survival Mode as the primary player. 20
Flesh Wound Perform a final strike on an opponent after your arm has been sliced off as the primary player. 10
On Death's Door As the primary player, kill an opponent while at critical health, with your leg and arm injured. 20
Right on Time Perform only perfectly timed strikes to defeat an enemy as the primary player. 10
Black Knight Remove all four limbs from the Knight during a single match as the primary player. 20
Deadliest Arsenal Unlock every weapon and armor available for every warrior as the primary player. 30
Shishkabob Remove an enemy's head with a projectile and stick it into a wall as the primary player. 10
Who's Deadliest Now? Defeat Arcade mode on the Deadliest difficulty as the Ninja, the Viking, and the Knight. 10

DLC Expansion Pack 1 (400MSP):50
Aggressive Pacifist Win a 4v4 skirmish as the monk without being hit. 10
A Zande to Remember Win an online game as the Zande and save a replay of the match. 10
Rajputtin' You to Shame Obtain all three Rajput titles. 30

Samurai Outfit Complete any fighter’s campaign.
Samurai Helmet Complete all fighters’ campaigns on the Deadliest difficulty.

Coat Of A Thousand Nails Complete arcade mode with a new warrior on any difficulty level.
Rajput Helmet Complete arcade mode with each new warrior on the Deadliest difficulty.