Red Sevens Collect 150 000 Sheriff Stars 25
Red, White & Blue Sevens Collect 200 000 Sheriff Stars 50
White Sevens Collect 100 000 Sheriff Stars 20
Three Sevens Collect 1000 Sheriff Stars 10
Blue Sevens Collect 10 000 Sheriff Stars 15
Gun Happy Complete a tale using only your gun 20
The Cleaner Defeat 500 enemies 15
Widow Maker Defeat 1000 enemies 25
Honorable Cowboy Defeat a shooter without using your gun 5
It's Not Easy Being Green Complete a tale without dying 20
Taking Aim Defeat 20 enemies using manual aim 15
Legend of the West Complete hard mode and gather all unlocks & all collectibles 125
Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum! Complete Land of Giants 20
The Cooler King Complete Rodent Clan 20
Forty Niner Complete The Forbidden Mine 20
Homesteader Complete Jenkins Cousins' Homestead 20
Train Surfer Complete Water Train 20
Saint Patty Complete The Return of Rattlesnake Jake 20
Hero of Dirt Complete the game in medium mode 30
Hero of the West Complete the game in hard mode 60
Why Can't We All Just Get Along? Complete Alien Showdown 20
Clatto Verata N Complete Zombie Invasion 20
Curiouser and Curiouser Complete Nowhere & Back 20
Snake Charmer Defeat Rattlesnake Jake in The Return of Rattlesnake Jake 20
The Bigger They Are Defeat Lars in Land of Giants 20
Who's Bad Now? Defeat Bad Bill in Rodent Clan 20
Thirsty Work Defeat Bad Bill in Water Train 20
Around the Bowl Defeat Bad Bill in Forbidden Mine 20
Thorough Examination Defeat the Alien Probe in Alien Showdown 20
They Got a Pill For That Shoot Bad Bill's dynamite bundle before he throws it in Water Train 5
Crate Hate Smash open 250 crates 5
100% Bull Hit 3 bullseyes in a row 25
I Shot the Sheriff Defeat 6 zombies with one golf shot 15
Bull's Eye! Hit a bullseye in Golden Bullet mode for the first time 10
Meep! Meep! Ride a roadrunner for an entire level without dying 30
Clay Pigeon Launch an enemy with an uppercut then shoot him three times 15
Good Air Day Launch 10 enemies off the train in Water Train 10
Demolitions Lure a Jumper to land on a shotgun shell 15
Sting Like a Bee Defeat 100 enemies with melee attacks 10
Tank Buster Defeat a huge charging rabbit using only melee attacks, without taking any damage from him 30
Spread the Love Acquire the Spreadshot and take out 10 enemies with it 15
McClane Worthy Escape the exploding train in Water Train 10
This is Bat Country! Ride a bat for an entire level without dying 30
Rock and Roll Cowboy Survive the crumbling canyon in The Return of Rattlesnake Jake 10
I Got a Present For Ya! Acquire the Launcher and take out 10 enemies with it 15
A Tommy Gun! Acquire the Blaster and take out 10 enemies with it 15