Game Chest: Solitaire


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A New Challenger Appears! Won a game in each of the three solitaire games. 15
All Natural Went up a level in any Game Mastery without ever taking a spin at the Bonus Wheel. 10
Around the World In Tri-Peaks, got one of each card in a single streak without drawing a new card from the deck. 10
Eight-Legged Streak Won eight consecutive games in Spider Solitaire. 5
First One's Free Played one round in any game to completion. 5
Flip 'Em and Squish 'Em Flipped over 1000 cards in Spider Solitaire. 20
Harvest Reached level 19 in all of the Masteries. 10
Listen! You Smell Something? Played your first sound. 5
Look at You! Earned your very first pin. 5
Lucky Devil In Klondike, got an ace on every home stack without ever taking a card from the deck. 10
Master Collector Completed all the sets of pins. 20
Peaks and Valleys Moved every card, ace through king, from the peak to the deck in Tri-Peaks. 5
Pin Collecting 101 Completed any one set of pins. 20
Reach Reached level 1 in all of the Masteries. 5
Spinner Spun the chest shelves and landed unaided on the same shelf three times in a row. 15
Spin-Spun-Fun Landed on the Super Spin at the Bonus Wheel. 5
Sprint Won a game in less than 3 minutes in Klondike. 10
Suited Up Built up a full suit, ace to king, on any one home stack in Spider Solitaire. 5
Try Tri In Tri-Peaks, moved three cards in a row to the deck from the peak. 5
Walk the Line Had only aces on all four home stacks at one time in Klondike. 15