Hydro Thunder GO


☆Windows Phone7用タイトル

Cha Ching! Earn 1.000 credits. 25
Spare Change Earn 5.000 credits. 10
Big Earner Earn 10.000 credits. 10
Show Me The Money Earn 25.000 credits. 10
Splish Splash Earn a Trophy. 35
Right On Time Complete a Time Attack race. 35
It's a Start Earn a Bronze trophy or better on all stages. 20
Tick Tick Tick Beat all par times in Time Attack. 10
Golden Delicious Earn a Gold trophy on all stages with an Expert boat. 10
Taste My Wake Download and beat a ghost in Time Attack. 10
Turbo Starter Turbo Start in a race by tapping the screen in sync with the countdown. 10
Looong Waaay Down! Be Airborne over 13 seconds. 5

Reckless Yachting Destroyed all Gondols in Venice in a single race. 5
Overdrive Had Boost activated through-out a whole race. 5