Beards & Beaks


☆Windows Phone7用タイトル

Pint-sized Hercules Capture a heavy treasure using only 1 gnome without dropping or assisting. 5
Eviction Notice Eject 20 enemies from garrisons. 10
Pull! Hurl 5 or more crows with 1 boulder. 5
Get off Our Lawn! Complete the Gnomeville levels. 20
Meadow Masters Complete the Meadow levels. 20
Team Effort Use at least 4 gnomes to collect a heavy treasure. 10
Solo Performance Complete a multi-gnome level by fielding only 1 gnome. 5
Brothers in Arms Complete a multi-type level with only 1 type of gnome. 5
Divine Intervention Use a mushroom power for the first time. 10
Feather Collector Defeat 100 crows. 15
Putting Hair on Your Chin Complete the first level of Gnomeville. 20
Goaltending Knock 10 treasures out of crow possession right in front of their base. 5
It's Not Called a Bird Paddle Hurl 5 crows into water. 5
A Murder of a Murder Defeat 5 crows in less than 5 seconds. 10
Down to the Wire Finish a base defense level with your bases having less than 10% health remaining. 5
Flickmaster Perform more than 1,000 flicks. 10
Mushroom-Fueled Excess Win a level using every mushroom power. 10
It's Too Quiet On any map with more than 6 crows, sideline all crows at the same time. 5
The Shiny Things Are Mine! Complete the third level of Gnomeville. 10
Savior of Shiny Things You've captured more than 100 treasures. 15