Real Soccer / Real Football


☆Windows Phone7用タイトル

リージョンによっては「Real Football」というタイトルで配信されている(別ゲーム扱い、別実績、実績内容は共通)

「Man of the Match」が解除不能の模様(2012/11/08)

First goal Score your first goal and reach the end of the period 5
First Victory Win your first match 5
Training Finisher Finish all training modes (in Game Modes) 5
Penalty Master Score on all your penalty kicks 5
Golden Boot Be the top goal scorer 5
Assist Leader Have the most assists 5
Golden Globe Win the Golden Globe 10
Man of the Match Get recognized as the top player in a match 10
Match Controller Win the match while keeping possession of the ball over 65% of the time in RF(RS) League 10
Extra Time Killer Win a match in extra time 10
Best Audience Play in all the stadiums 5
Football Collector Try all the footballs 5
Iron Defender Win 5 matches without conceding a goal 15
World Champion Win the International Cup 10
Cup Champion Win a cup from any of the continents 10
Club Cup Champion Win an European Club Cup 15
RF(RS) League Legend Submit a score of 200 in RF(RS) League play 15
National League King Win the National League Cup 15
League Cup Champion Win the League Cup 15
Player of the Year Be the best player in the world this year 20

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