James Patterson's Women's Murder Club: Death in Scarlet

難易度:★☆☆☆☆ 2-3時間

☆Windows Phone7用タイトル


Investigation Complete The player has successfully completed every investigation in the game. 10
Crime Scene Investigator The player has completed levels on all 8 crime scenes. 20
Keeping It Together During gameplay, the player has paused the game and accessed the Investigation Docket 10
Lady MacGyver The player has used an inventory item within a scene. 10
Sharp-shooter The player needs to select 3 items in a single crime scene inside a 5 second time-frame. 20
Elementary The player only made 5 mistakes, or less in completing the investigation. 20
Methodical Investigation An investigation was completed by identifying every object in the order displayed on the HUD 20
Quick Worker A player completes a scene in half of the time alloted to complete the scene, or less 20
Eagle Eye The player completes an investigation scene having never used the zoom functionality on that scene 20
Lightbulb The player must complete three consecutive scenes without using any hints 20

Lab Investigation Jennie Kwong's body has been taken to the lab. 10
Investigating Tso Began investigating Judge Tso. 10
Investigating Wong Began investigating Donald Wong. 10

  • Eagle Eye

  • Methodical Investigation

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