追加実績は$39.99 Gold Editionに全て含まれる。


Legend of Defiance Complete all other achievements 70
Holy Shtako! Complete the tutorial 15
Skruggin' Ark Core Complete Act 1 15
Wrong Hands Complete Act 2 15
That Hagisi Lied Complete Act 3 15
Everyone Will Die Complete Act 4 15
Who… Are You? Complete Act 5 15
Overdosing Complete the Liberate the Lost co-op map 15
Broom Closet Complete the Soleptor Excavation co-op map 15
Save Your Ganchis Complete the Explosions 101 co-op map 15
Call Me Psycho Complete the Island of Lost Soldiers co-op map 15
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Complete the Motherlode co-op map 15
Not Bad at All Complete the Motherlode co-op map 15
Super Excited Complete the Scrapworks Salvage co-op map 15
Individual Pursuit Complete your first pursuit in the Bay Area 15
Hot Pursuit Complete 5 pursuits in the Bay Area 15
Pursuit of Happiness Complete 10 pursuits in the Bay Area 15
High Speed Pursuit Complete 15 pursuits in the Bay Area 15
Pursuit of Excellence Complete 20 pursuits in the Bay Area 15
Executive Wash Room Complete a daily contract for Von Bach Industries 15
Private Booth Complete a daily contract for Soleptor Enterprises 15
Office in Back Complete a daily contract for Top Notch Toolworks 15
Secure Channel Complete a daily contract for Echelon 15
Seven Days a Week Complete 4 weekly contracts 15
Key to Paradise Increase reputation with Von Bach Industries, Soleptor Enterprises, Top Notch Toolworks and Echelon 15
Widely Regarded Get max reputation with Von Bach Industries, Soleptor Enterprises, Top Notch Toolworks and Echelon 30
Arkhunting Complete your first minor arkfall 10
Arkhunting Party Complete your first major Arkfall in the Bay Area 10
Arkhunting Safari Complete 10 major Arkfalls in the Bay Area 10
Freight Magnate Win 10 matches in Freight Yard 15
Stargazer Win 10 matches in Observatory 15
Wharfie Win 10 matches in Waterfront 15
Bit of an EGO Earn your first perk 10
Abundance of Ego Earn 50 perks 40
Stroking Your EGO Completely upgrade a perk 15
EGO Maniac Completely upgrade 25 perks 30
Powerful EGO Completely upgrade an EGO Power 15
EGOTistical Reach EGO Rating 500 20
EGOcentric Arkhunter Reach EGO Rating 2500 60
Wait For It… Equip your first legendary weapon 50
Shoot to Skill Max out one weapon skill 50
Calculated Killer Kill 10,000 enemies 25
A Friend in Need Revive another player outside the tutorial 5
Chasing Shadows Capture 50 points in Shadow War 15
Vehicular Manslaughter Kill 25 players by running them over 15
Brain Surgeon Kill 50 players with headshots 15
Upper Echelon Kill 100 players 15
Yeeeeeeehaaaaawww! Jump a total of 5 kilometers with vehicles 30
Good Cardio Swim a total of 1 kilometer 35
Monolithic Landmark Cross the Golden Gate Bridge 15

Castithan Charge Pack:200
Thawandaye Complete Ferick's Missions 50
Yukifyo Get a gold rating in the Yuke Arena 15
Rizifyo Get a gold rating in the Rizi Arena 15
Eminifyo Get a gold rating in the Emine Arena 15
Valáfyo Get a gold rating in the Valáne Arena 15
Shanjifyo Get a gold rating in the Shanje Arena 15
Caste Master Complete the Thawandaye Pursuits 50
Ferick’s Friend Max out reputation with the Thorn Liro 25

Acupuncture Complete the "Stim Connoisseur" pursuit 15
Spike in the Vein Complete the "Spike Driver" pursuit 15
On Demand Assemble an ark spike 15
We have the technology… Complete the Combat Tech missions 15
Master of War Kill the Volge Warmaster 25
They formed a union? Be in a clan that reaches rank 10 in the Arkfalls activity 50
Bloody Mess Be in a clan that reaches rank 10 in the Competitive Multiplayer activity 50
Ark-Rival Kill a Volge Huntmaster 15

The 7th Legion:75
Incursion-Excursion Finish 25 Excursions 25
Shogun-Master Finish 7th Legion Rep 25
Lucky-Kitty Japanese Lucky Cat 25

Gunslinger Trials:75
Golden Badge Complete the "Golden Badge" pursuit 25
Master Gunslinger Complete the "Master Gunslinger III" pursuit 25
The General Complete the "The General" pursuit 25

Arktech Revolution:75
The Lion's Claw Complete "The Lion's Claw II" pursuit 25
The Unbreakable Horn Complete "The Unbreakable Horn II" pursuit 25
The Snake's Bite Complete "The Snake's Bite II" pursuit 25


  • Pursuit、Contract実績

  • Key to Paradise、Widely Regarded
Daily Contractで10、Weekly Contractで50獲得できる。
課金に抵抗がなければPatron Passを購入すればDaily、Weekly Contractの数が増える。

  • Wait For It…
tier 4のlockbox、Keycode64使用のElite Lock Box、イベントArkfallに対応するDaily Weekly Contract等で入手可。

  • EGOcentric Arkhunter

  • 対戦実績

  • co-op map実績


メインミッションクリア後にArkfall siteでArkfall Impactを発生させることができる。

  • On Demand
  • We have the technology…

  • Spike in the Vein
  • Acupuncture
Rare(青)Ammo、Protection、Damage Spike3種、Brawler、Heal、Power Stim3種使用で解除。
各地のVerndors Special等で入手可能。

  • Bloody Mess
  • They formed a union?

  • Master of War
Major Arkfall siteにてArk Spike Batteryを4つ使用し、Major Arkfall Impactを発生させ(他人が発生させたものでも可)内部にいるWarmasterを戦闘開始から7分以内に倒せば解除。

◆The 7th Legion

  • Incursion-Excursion

  • Lucky-Kitty
Incursionの報酬、7th Legion supply crates購入時に運が良ければ解除。

  • Shogun-Master
7th LegionのDaily Contractを25、Weekly Contractを5、Reputationを300、7th Legion vendorsからアイテムを10個購入で解除。

◆Gunslinger Trials

  • Golden Badge
9個のco-op arenaで金評価取得で解除。

  • Master Guns

  • The General
メインミッションクリア、Golden Badge、Master Guns取得で解除。

◆Arktech Revolution

  • The Lion's Claw
ChimeraのDaily Contractを25、Reputationを300、Chimera vendorsからアイテムを10個購入で解除。
他の勢力と違いChimeraはDaily Contractしか存在しない。

  • The Unbreakable Horn
The Lion's Clawを取得過程で解除。

  • The Snake's Bite
Apex、Formidable、Ark Levelの特定の敵を一定数倒すと解除。
一部の敵はThe Lion's Clawを取る過程で数が稼げる。