Windows Phone 7用タイトル

Bring it on Destroy your first Orb 5
Pure Fun Destroy 15 Orbs in one Pure game 10
Beam them up Destroy 50 Orbs in one Gravity game 10
Burst into Space Earn 200 points in one Supernova game 20
Near Death Experience Receive "That was close" in one game 15
Double Bouncer Accomplish ten Double Hits in one game 5
Triple Bouncer Accomplish ten Triple Hits in one game 10
The game got me Finish 25 games 15
Addict Finish 100 games 15
Space is needed Place ten Orbs on the playing field 30
Aaand another one Place thirty Orbs on the playing field 20
A Friend of mine Play a Multiplayer game with a friend 10
BFF's Finish 10 local Multiplayer games 15
I got the game Destroy 5 Orbs in one game 10
Survivor Receive "That was close" three times in one game 10

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